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Creative Writing 101

A Deep Learning Project on Text Generation


Welcome :-)
We are T. Suchomel and S. Gamer, Team 8 of DLAI class at UPC Telecom BCN (Autumn 2017). We are novices in Deep Learning and this is our first project. We chose text processing, because it is fast to compute and easy to understand, for us and for machines. Our main goal was to get a first impression of the powers of Deep Learning.
Also, we were curious to see How Machines Think.

Interested? See here our GitHub Repo and our Slides.

Our project is divided into Steps:
The first step was to work on the text letter-by-letter. See the sourcecode here
The second step was to encode words as integers. See the sourcecode here
The next step will most likely be the implementation of word2vec. Stay tuned!